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Advancing with Joy

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

My Exciting Journey Towards Emotional Trauma Healing and Empowering More Lives

Last month I updated you about my Mental Health Coaching Certification, which is almost finished. This month I wanted to let you know about another opportunity I have for a training in Ohio, on Emotional Trauma Healing. I’m very excited to attend this one and to bring another vital component to the work I’ve been doing.

I absolutely love what I get to do and I’m so grateful for those who put their confidence in my coaching. I am thrilled when clients get new insights and begin to integrate them into their lives. I can see their face light up with joy and confidence with each one. I also love when strong leaders get clarity for their next steps or gain understanding of what’s holding them back. This is powerful.

Stay tuned to all that is still to come, as I will be writing and teaching more about living an empowered life despite where you might be today. Be sure to stay connected through my social media and of course you can reach me. Reach out if I can help or support you in anyway. Your success is my success.

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