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Slump Day

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Today is a slump day for me. I have all these creative ideas of the things I want to get done but don’t have the energy mentally or physically to do them. Did you ever have a day where you couldn’t motivate yourself? What did you do? Did you push yourself to get going by sheer discipline or did you give yourself permission to have a slump day? I know for all of the extremely disciplined folks reading this what I am about to say will probably drive you crazy but here goes. I think if you’ve been on the go, pouring out a lot of yourself, it is ok to give yourself permission to have a slump day. Mostly what it means is you are running on fumes. I believe when you are low on fuel; you will still reach your destination if you allow yourself to “fill up” with a brief respite. Then when you do complete the task at hand, you will be able to enjoy yourself along with your accomplishment, instead of collapsing and being out of commission for a few days. I’ve been there, done that. I didn’t enjoy the work or the outcome. I was exhausted and only wanted to lock myself in my room. I was angry at how hard I was being pushed. Who was doing the pushing? Me.  Who checked out? Me. Who has the power to make changes for my good? Me. Having just celebrated another birthday I’m really enjoying the wisdom and freedom that comes with age.  “Work smarter not harder” makes sense to me. Having life experience behind me shows me what’s really important in life and that I get to decide how I allocate my time and still get things done.  The biggest take away though is I am not in a race with time. Everyone is rushing, rushing, rushing. What is the rush for? You can accomplish more by taking care of yourself as well getting things done by withdrawing from the race against time. It’s a self-imposed pressure. Work smarter, not harder!  Even though I was having a slump day today,  (Slump = Lump but sounds better) I still accomplished writing my blog but with ease and I did it from the couch instead of Starbucks. Permission granted. Goal accomplished. #women #choices #rest #accomplishments #noburnout #rewardscoaching #lifecoach #clarity

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