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​The “#Me Too” Campaign

Maybe you’ve seen this all over Facebook the past few days, as well as other social media sites, the two words “Me Too” posted a woman’s status. It’s purpose is to show the magnitude of this long standing problem in our society. It started after the media explosion about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual harassment accusations surfaced. One by one over 40 women came out of hiding, who were allegedly sexually abused by him, as if each said “Me Too”. Soon after, women from around the country started posting it as their statuses. Being sexually harassed, demeaned, physically or emotionally abused, overpowered, intimidated, or dismissed, and being looked at as the the weaker sex, is totally unacceptable. We are by no means inferior to anyone. Although not all men feel this way, there are still some “dinosaurs”, which haven’t yet gotten the message about what it means to be a female. So let me reiterate who we are as women, in support of all my fellow sisters in the “Me Too” Campaign. We are pretty and soft, wear high heels, polish our nails, while others wear construction boots and helmets, and have calloused hands. We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds. We all have different stories. We express ourselves differently, some soft spoken and others bold as lions. We stay home with our children and we run corporations and businesses. Despite all our differences and positions in life, we have one thing in common; we are all equal in value. Equal to each other and equal to men. As a part of the human race we are all worthy of respect, honor, dignity, and a voice. Our Creator, created us all equal (Genesis 1: 26 to 28, Romans:2:11 plus many more), we are just different sexes and have different functions. Other than that, there is no pecking order, no totem pole or hierarchy of importance and worth. Mothers, daughters and sisters, we are all “woman of great worth.” This latest devaluation of women out of Hollywood has seemed to have awakened a sleeping giant. You can hear the call for unity and the shout - it’s enough! No more!!! Too many women have carried its shame for far too long, after being abused for being female. I love how this has empowered so many women, famous or not, to stop hiding; to stop being plagued by unwarranted shame. For some, after many years, they are able to stand up and say; they too, were violated by men.  I love that as we all stand up together, it will take away some of the power and the fear about coming forward whenever this happens. These predators count on us feeling too scared to say anything. If you are still suffering in the shadows, too traumatized to come forward, understand whatever happened to you, is not your fault, and you are not alone. You are brave, strong and valued. The more of us that stand together, the louder our voices will echo. Don’t allow anyone to take your power, no matter who they are. Right now there has been a banner raised and it reads, “Me Too”. If you’ve been violated stand under it, there’s room for you. #womenstrong #womenofworth #nomore #enoughisenough #heelsanddealsstrong #rewardscoaching #unashamed

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