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Individual, Couples, Group & Spiritual Coaching from Brooklyn

Providing proven and effective coaching for a more connected, balanced, and satisfying life.



Your health, your work, your relationships, and your future all have one thing in common ⁠— You! And unless you can find space to do the deep work necessary on yourself, all of those things run the risk of crumbling. That’s where I come in.

With two decades of walking alongside individuals and couples, my passion is carving out a safe and meaningful place for you to be reminded of your Worth, discover your Voice, and exercise your Power to move forward.


"Coaching was a life changing experience. 
Not only did it give me a clear vision
of where I was headed, but it created (birth)
the foundation of my identity and self-worth.
Coaching allowed me to see clearly and
prepare for the future. A willing heart
Takes you many places."


Be sure to check out my popular book on dating. For couples, parents, and those who want to be prepared and informed on what dating is really all about!

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