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Personal Coaching


Traditional counseling focuses on your past. And while the past is important and we’ll spend some time looking at it, I’m deeply interested in where you are going!

Personal Coaching sessions are for those that feel like something is missing or "off". It could be crippling anxieties you're experiencing or simply feeling directionless when it comes to where to channel your energy and passion. Regardless of the challenge you're facing, I’m here to help chart a way forward utilizing the "Whole Life Model of Coaching" and "S.M.A.R.T Goals", to name a few. We’ll evaluate the ten key areas listed below:


It’s important to know that you will play a key role in these sessions. That means that, while I’ll be here to help you process, evaluate, and be challenged — you will be the one setting goals, identifying points of change, and working to attain your goals under a structure of support and accountability with me.

Sessions are done in person or by Zoom.

Reflection Questions

Are you restless?

Feel stuck?

Do you have unfulfilling relationships?

Trouble setting boundaries?

Self-esteem or Self-worth issues?

Struggling with anxiety?

Want to go deeper in your relationship with God?

Struggling from trauma or abuse from family, partner, church, others?

Feeling burned out, overwhelmed and need some self-care?

What Personal Coaching Clients Say


Neal A, Director 

I took Regina Stafford's 8 week coaching class and found it to be extremely beneficial. Regina's coaching course has had a very positive impact on how I interact with the employees whom I oversee. Prior to enrolling in her course, I had never realized how taking the time to ask thoughtful and curious questions in a respectful manner would help me communication with those I need to supervise. Regina's course has also benefited me personally by helping me to sort out, prioritize, and move forward toward reaching my own goals. I highly recommend Regina''s course and coaching as worthwhile invest of their time. 

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