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I’m Regina! I’ve been helping people, individuals and couples, navigate the twists and turns of life for nearly 40 years. I didn’t get here by accident, and neither did you. It has all been a purposeful journey guided by the grace of God. Here are some more details about me. 

My Career

I started counseling couples nearly 35 years ago alongside my husband while working as a community advocate for a Non Profit, counseling individuals. Throughout this time, I saw the deeper needs people have and wanted to do more. After completing the NYU Coaching Program, I became a Board Certified Coach. With over 20 years of practice, I have enjoyed equipping people from all across the country to understand and to heal from anxiety, low self-esteem, spiritual confusion, desintegrating marriages, and the complexities of personal and professional relationships.

My Spiritual Walk

Years ago, I suffered under the weight of my own anxiety, shyness, and lack of confidence. But God, in his grace, helped me to discover my own worth and voice and gave me a solid foundation to stand on. I’ve never forgotten where He’s taken me from, and that transformation has lit a passion in me to see others transformed through my work as a coach and the work I do in leading the family ministry at my home church.

My Spiritual Walk.jpg

My Marriage

I am a Brooklyn resident, born and raised, and married my high school sweetheart, Tom, nearly 40 years ago. Tom serves as a Pastor and Elder and has a wealth of wisdom and love he’s quick to share while encouraging other men. Together we teach marriage classes and conduct couple-to-couple coaching sessions. We have built a beautiful life together that includes two wonderful adult children, a Maltipoo named Diamond, and a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Bella. 

My Interests

I love learning new things and meeting new people. Although I love my quiet time at home, reading or writing, I also love to travel and be outdoors in nature, walking or hiking. 

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