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Deep Wells Ministry

Grow in your faith, your spiritual life and your emotional well being with God

Spiritual Development

Deep Wells Ministry is a newest addition of the Spiritual Development services I offer. It is an invitation to draw near to God in practical ways that will both nurture and build your faith. So many of us long to go deeper with God, but even after experiencing Him and being discipled in the Church, we still struggle to understand what it means to abide in, be led by and experience God on a deeper level. 

Within our Deep Wells coaching process, I will help curate a safe and consistent space for you to develop biblical and meaningful rhythms to connect with God, learn how to listen, and hear His voice. So much of our modern day practices are about speaking to and producing for God — this is not that! Deep Wells draws from Scripture, historical Church practices, and how God wired our brains and bodies to help you rediscover the beauty of connecting with and and experiencing Him personally. 

Some ideas Deeps Wells will cover:

Attachment Theory

If you’ve never attached to a care giver as a child, you may feel insecure and unseen. Attaching to the Lord can bring you great healing and security.


Learn more effective ways of reflecting and communicating with the Lord to receive peace for your body, mind and spirit.

Emotional Regulation

Learn how to handle stress, calm emotions, and regulate through mindfulness practices. 


Using your 5 senses coupled with Christian Mindfulness and Breath Prayers to ease fears and anxiety as well as other uncomfortable feelings.


6 week groups where you learn how to ask personal questions of the Lord and receive answers through a journaling process called Immanuel Journaling.  

Silence & Waiting

The ultimate self-care. Learn to rest, to be still and know that He is God; listening for the still small voice.

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