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All Lives Matter When Black Lives Matter

There is a part of society that has been fighting to be heard and validated for years, the black community. They feel their lives are dispensable. Every time a person of color (POC) dies senselessly - like for jogging in a hoodie, it shows they are not being heard. That black lives don’t seem to matter.

Many white people don’t understand why POC don’t want to hear “All Lives Matter” when they say “Black Lives Matter”. As a white person, I never understood it either. I mean, why should one group of people be considered more important than another? Then I listened closer. I really wanted to understand. And now I’m starting to get this one piece. Maybe I can help you get it too, if you’re still wondering the same thing.

Something my daughter reposted on Facebook spoke profoundly to me so I’m going to just put it here and see if it speaks to you too.

“Saying “All lives Matter” as a response to “Black Lives Matter” is like saying the fire department should spray down all the houses in a neighborhood even though only one house is fire… because all houses matter. Yes, your house matters too, BUT YOUR HOUSE IS NOT ON FIRE!!!”

God created us all equal. All of us have worth and value, and should be treated with dignity and respect. No mother should have to worry about her child if they are a POC being hurt or killed because of the color of their skin.

Now is the time to make this change in our thinking, our attitudes and our actions. There are more things that unite us than divide us. Going through 9/11 united us. Going through Super Storm Sandy united us. Covid-19 united us. We locked arms no matter what color we were and we were stronger and better for it.

We can rise above this. We need to keep evolving in our love, kindness, respect and equal worth. For all people? Yes… but for now we need to focus our attention on fixing what’s broken toward POC cause their house is burning. It’s a time to emphasize not criticize. Lets lock arms with them. Stand with them. Hear them.

God made us all brothers and sisters. He hates injustice and false scales. He hates innocent bloodshed and oppression. We are in this world together. I believe with all my heart that we can learn how to walk together as one race…the human race.

All lives will matter when black lives matter.

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