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Hear The Call

Everyday God is calling people to Himself. When you have a goal it is important to start with the end in mind and then plan the steps on how to get there. God has a goal in mind. It is eternal life with Him. It is having His children, His creation restored back to Him in all the fullness He had intended. The steps to it are surrender; giving yourself up to His purpose and plan for your life. Then  He somehow ties it all together with His purpose and plan for all mankind resulting in the fulfillment of the Original Master Plan.

Yes, everyday He calls to each of us; especially those far off. He offers you purpose and destiny. He offers you rest for a weary soul, strength to face tomorrow, peace beyond comprehension and the adventure of a lifetime. What does He ask in return? He asks that you leave behind your former pursuits. You'd have to detach yourself from the pull of this world and all its false promises. You'd have to take off the ropes that drag you from plan to plan with the allure of excitement, riches, position and admiration. You have to separate yourself because your eyes are blinded by it all. It is paraded in front of you all your life and so it seems very real.. The promise is that it is attainable if you just......fill in the blank. So He's asking us to stop being the dog that chases it's tail and start being the head that leads.We are His children whom He loves and He has called us to be the head and not the tail, to rule and to reign over our lives.

 The Master Plan is clearly laid out in scripture. In Jesus' last will and testament before He died.It is up to us to receive it. He never pushes us to accept it. He clearly lays it all out for us so we can make an informed decision. The choice is ours. One path will lead to eternal life with provision for all you need on your way and the other will leave you always needing more to fill the empty hole in your heart which the world promises to help you fill. It doesn't get much clearer than this. It takes too much faith to believe anything else regarding our existence in this world. 

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