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Introducing 'Deep Wells'

Hi Friends!

Today is the big day! I am unveiling and launching my new website and total rebrand of Rewards Coaching. You’ll more easily find all that I offer with my coaching, just through my name Regina Stafford. For months we’ve been working on this while looking forward to this day.

Why a rebrand and what does that mean?

I have invested the last few years in exploring greater depths in coaching, personal development, healing brokenness and trauma; as well as church hurt and spiritual formation. Life is different post-Covid, and so are we. Our needs, our desires, and our lifestyles are all different. I’m different. My work needs to reflect these changes, and I made sure it does.

Practically speaking, I now have my own beautiful private office, but I still see clients via Zoom as well. Along with my individual coaching, and marriage coaching, I’ve added a spiritual community called Deep Wells. Deep Wells is designed to take you deeper than church discipleship through blogs, podcasts, and small Zoom groups.

Together we are going to learn to slow down our lives (yet still be productive) so we can actually enjoy them, cut down on our stress, walk in our true identity and be empowered by it, and bring beauty and meaning back into our lives.

I hope you enjoy my new website and will reach out to me with any questions or comments. So glad we’re on this journey together. There’s more to…


Regina Stafford

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