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It Is Finished...Enough

How do we obtain that peace God speaks about. We can't leave this world until it's our time to go. Does that mean that we are held  hostage to these tribulations - the stress, the challenges, the pain and hurt?

 What I keep reminding myself lately  is that He is the way. I can take my hurting, tired, stressed, overdone self and slip it into His presence. As one would slip themselves into a warm bath to soothe their weary body, I can slip my spirit into Him to soothe my weary soul. He wants to quiet my mind...Cease striving. Cease trying to . In His presence you are "enough" today. In this place, "It is finished".You don't have to do another thing but refresh yourself. Take as long as you need. Take as much as you need. When you go back out to the world, the stress, the hurt, the problems will not touch your spirit. His peace will be a buffer and a shield to us as we navigate through the day. Each day, often, we need to enter this place of peace. All the pulling and tugging on us will deplete us. This life, the tribulations, will drain us. It's our job to keep it full. Funny to call it a job when all we have to do is "slip in". 

This is what my heart speaks to

me. This my friend is the peace that transcends understanding. This is the good cheer that I've imparted to you to overcome the world with. In Me, "It is finished. It's enough. You are enough. Exhale here.

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