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Pushing Back Against the Culture

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My new book Help Spread The Word to singles, teens, parents,and youth leaders.

You'll never look at dating the same

Do you feel hopeless and helpless today as you watch the culture war that is raging around us? Wrong is seen as right and it is being transmitted through every means possible (media, radio, internet, billboards and megaphones). I personally fought back in my home with certain restrictions and I constantly spoke the truth about right and wrong so I and my children wouldn’t be lulled into the lies. After raising teenagers though I found this wasn’t enough. You can not think that you can just make sure that your family is ok and forget what’s going on outside your door. We are surrounded by it and so saturated in it that it’s hard to not become stained. As soon as you plug up one hole another one comes streaming in.

In an effort to start to fight back my husband and I started working with the couples in our church teaching Biblical principles for a healthy marriage. We formed a group called Marriage Builders. It was geared toward engaged couples at first but out of necessity quickly welcomed the married ones as well. Within our church it was making a difference and still does which is great. Next we started to see a need to reach adolescence age children or “tweens” before they hit High School. We formed a group called Teen Prep where we taught them biblical truth of how God sees” teenagers” and contrasted that with how their peers would portray the teenager life (smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, gender identity and the peer pressure they’d face to conf) .

All of this was and is great for our church but after doing this for 30 years I was still getting that hopeless and helpless thought by the views that continue to rule our culture. We who hold fast to the truth that has been given to us have a responsibility to bring it to a world where truth is lacking. I felt saddened to see marriages that couldn’t make it past the first year or folks that divorced after 20 years. I’ve worked with young people getting their hearts broken in dating relationships as casual sex is the norm (yes even in the church) and such foolish choices being made when it came to a mate;  further proving to me they didn’t understand the purpose of marriage. We have been given guiding principles for dating and courtship (a forgotten term) from our Creator in order to make the best possible choice of who we’ll build a home with, raise children with and spend the rest of our lives with.  I have taught 4 easy to understand principles to those I’ve worked with over the years and have now written a book on them.  . It’s called “Look Before You Leap” A Simple Guide to Dating for a Healthy Relationship. For me, it was not enough to just reach those in Rez Church anymore. I want to reach more people.  I want to reach every age from children to adults with it this information. Adults for the obvious reason but children because I want to see the generation coming up be equipped with truth that will  not only make sense, but is easy to understand and is quick read (right to the point). Lastly, I want to equip parents (as well as leaders) on how to speak to their children about dating with from a healthy viewpoint instead of just being told you can’t date. If they truly understand the purpose of dating hopefully they will choose to wait until they are mature enough for the responsibility that comes with it.

Let’s take back the culture together. Let’s push back with the weapons that we have been given, weapons of Truth. It’s sad to watch people fudging their way through life when there are answers and certain truths that time will never change.

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