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​Questioning Your World View

Where do we stand today in regard to our ever changing worldview? Today I saw two different videos on social media that before becoming a Christian could have greatly influenced my views. The first one was on gender. It featured a young person speaking about how being male or female is in your brain, not your genitals. Therefore the term non-binary will now be adopted, for those who don’t identify with either gender. This person’s tone, conviction, and position was so convincing, it could have swayed my own stance on gender. The second video was a priest speaking on the foolishness surrounding saying “Merry Christmas” or Happy Holidays”. He stated how Jesus doesn’t care about which term folk’s use, as long as they were supportive of all religions (never once recognizing the real argument was about the attack on Christianity, not just the words being used). Both videos made strong compelling arguments for their positions. Each had an undertone of someone being foolish, if they adhered to anything otherwise. As I listened, I felt like I too could be swayed, if I wasn’t grounded in the truth of the word. They were extremely convincing!  When you add in the possibility of shame, it becomes the perfect combination for “group think” to be permeated in our society.   Our Christianity is being greatly challenged like never before. It’s causing us to question whether we really believe the bible is the infallible Word of God. Do we believe every word or just the parts we like? Do we espouse to a biblical worldview or one driven by society? The bottom line is, as Christians, is Jesus really Lord over our lives (our thinking, our choices, our opinions and our actions), regardless of the times we live in?  Although an argument may be persuasive, as believers, we are to look at things through the lens of the Word. The Word is God’s viewpoint. It is never out dated, old fashioned or irrelevant. When you take the time to study it, you’ll find it is always just, honoring, and respectful of all human life. The Bible is the example that Jesus modeled for us, showing how it’s done under His domain. Its purpose is greater than making one feel good at the moment, or avoiding conflict. In many instances, it’s contrary to the world’s methods. This, my friend, is where the rubber meets the road, in your Christianity. Are you grounded in what you believe about gender and other hot button topics in our society? Do you believe gender is from God alone? Are you aware of how humanity’s limited thinking is trying to change the natural God ordained order, for one of self-determination? Are you reading your bible to understand what is really going on in our confused and chaotic world? Are you seeing the bigger picture of what’s happening? If not, you may be positioning yourself to be moved by every new dogma, idea and theory that comes along. Remember, there is a power that exists, to steal, to kill and to destroy. One that seeks to redefine what God has defined. This view includes, a well thought out argument, mixed with subtle cues of shaming and or bullying, designed to pressure us toward compliance. Our God, who is the creator of all things, lays out truths for us, for an abundant, prosperous, peaceful life, and He gives us the freedom to choose what we’ll believe, and how we’ll live. It’s an unchanging anchor to keep us steady in the today’s world. Despite the old corner preachers with their hell, fire and brimstone messages, the Word is filled with God’s loving-kindness, toward a people He loves so dearly. Through this Word, He equips us to govern our own lives and expects us to bring that influence into our society as well. If you consider yourself a Christian, be well informed. Be knowledgeable about God’s opinion (found throughout the bible) and don’t be led by what feels right at the moment. You cannot securely take a stand on shifting sand. Make your choices based on a firm, unchanging foundation. It speaks volumes when one is willing to stand by his convictions no matter who or what comes against them; they are not moved by passing opinions. They are solid in their belief, their character, and their word.  If you’re not a Christian, I challenge you to explore the meaning of the whole bible; it’s intent as well as its heartbeat, before you judge or reject it. For believers, I challenge you too, to be well informed before you go along with anything that seems good but ultimately will destroy, and or replace, the structures and values that our loving and wise Creator “created” for us.

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