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Super (Tired) Women

 Let me offer another lens of self care in hopes of giving you the “permission” you need to indulge, enjoy, and refresh yourself. In the Bible (Matthew 22:38), it says to love others as you love yourself.  This does not mean that we are to put ourselves above everyone else. It means we are to put ourselves on our list as well. When we deny ourselves the right to rest and rejuvenate then we do not love ourselves they way we should. It’s like working for an overbearing boss who doesn’t allow you to take coffee breaks or lunch hours.  After a while of being deprived of a break, it starts to affect your work performance and your relationships. It can turn you downright ugly.  We are wired in such a way where we need to do something we enjoy to refresh our mind, body and spirit; an indulgence that is solely for us. Be it a nap, reading, gardening, a walk, exercise, a massage, a bath, etc. The essence of love is mercy, compassion, and care. When we love ourselves in this way we are living and modeling love in its fullest measure to others (especially our daughters, who will one day wear the “S” as well).  

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