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The Christmas Gift

Just thinking a little this morning about how Jesus came to earth; in a stable,  placed into an  feeding bed, surrounded by animals, messy, smelly, out of the “normal” way a child “should” be born. It couldn’t get any lower or any more humbling. There was no family or friends around other than His parents because no one approved of the whole situation. This is not the ideal way the coming of a child should be celebrated.

It reminds me of our lives sometimes. Things are not ideal. They are out of order so to speak. People reject us because they don’t approve of who we are or how we live. We are humbled and feeling low. The situation stinks. It’s not how we want it to be. Maybe it seems like it can’t get any worse. I love what happened though when Jesus finally entered the picture. In the scriptures it says a light shown around Him, angels appeared in that place singing and worshiping God. In His humble circumstances Royalty came from a far recognizing His worth and brought Him gifts.

Wow, if we spend a minute looking at the symbolism there it brings great joy and hope to any and all situations we could face in a life time. Although it was the worst of circumstances Jesus brought love. Can you imagine the love His parents felt to receive Him into their lives and the love they must have felt for each other for having stuck it out together to receive the promise. He brought peace. After all the trauma of fleeing their home, finding a place to stay and the labor and delivery, the baby arrived. It was over. I remember the relief after my two deliveries, the peace and the clam, the instant relief and joy of what was now to come. Then into this lowly place comes honor and favor from royalty. Out of no where, the Kings show up to honor Him (the least likely person) and give Him gifts (which I’m sure was the provision they all needed to be sustained since Joseph wasn’t working Let’s be real, right). Jesus brought order to this crazy situation. He makes all things seem right with the world when He comes in. So much of what we fret about seems less important with Him in it. The focus is now on Lord; what He needs and what He brings is where the concentration needs to be. It’s not about lack anymore. It’s about abundance. It’s not about all we don’t have but what we do. It’s about hope, peace and joy in the midst of mess and despite it. It’s about knowing that we will be guided in the way we should go and all our needs will be met in the journey just like the 3 Kings were guided, bringing what was needed.  It has been good to reflect and look beyond the seemingly simplistic writings about a baby born in a manger and hear the deeper meanings it holds for me today; for all of us.

My Christmas gift this morning was that Jesus changes everything when we bring Him into it. The mess around you may remain for a while but the atmosphere change is the saving grace.  This perspective puts the Merry into Christmas.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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