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​What Kind of Fragrance Do You Carry?

Did you ever think of how you’d like to spend your life? I mean beyond just having a job, career, family, traveling, etc.? I believe each one of us carries something on us that can influence people’s lives around us, for better or worse. Whether intentionally or passively, we all bring an essence of what’s inside of us wherever we go. It just emanates from us. Regardless if we are world changers, or live simple lives, it’s there. It can’t be covered up.

We actually were created to carry goodness, grace and kindness wherever we go, which is different than being a Pollyanna or people pleaser. It’s a personal stance that we choose to take for ourselves.  We were created for connection. There is  truth in the words “no man is an island”. Recent studies actually show our brains feed off each other. Did you know that when you smile at another person, it releases endorphins in that other person’s brain, which makes them feel good? So why aren’t we all living so joyfully? Unfortunately, after life has given us a few hard blows, it leaves us depleted and or jaded. Unable to even find a smile. It’s understandable, but it’s not a healthy place to park long term.  No matter what we go through in our lives, we can choose to let it soften, and tenderize our hearts, leaving us more compassionate and empathetic, or harden us, leaving us embittered and angry.

If someone were to mention a name to you, I’ll bet you could immediately say what essence they carry with him or her. I remember a slogan I saw on a plaque one time, it read; “Everyone brings pleasure, some by coming and some by going”. Your essence is kind of like a signature fragrance. It’s all your own. It has your name on it. There are sweet fragrances, pungent, cool, warm, strong, irritating, overpowering, and downright nauseating, to name just a few. What essence or fragrance does your presence bring to our world? If you can’t answer that, but really want to know, you can ask a few close people in your circle. The ones who care about you will be honest and tell you what they’ve seen and felt from you. It’s good to do a heart check up every so often. It will tell you how you are doing emotionally, especially if you’ve been through harsh seasons in life. We may not even be aware of what is festering in there, but our essences will surely reveal it.

We get one go around in this life and it goes by quickly. The works that we put our hands to will always be there, its just work. People, the lives we touch around family, friends, co-workers, even strangers, and us on the street, are what is truly important and long lasting. They will speak of who you are (or were- when you are long gone).  You can’t fake it since it comes from your core – your spirit if you will.

What emanates from you? What is the fragrance that surrounds you? What is the aroma that remains when you walk away? Just a thought for today!

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