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​Compassion Creates Connection

This is a hard season for our country and for the world at large. We’ve seen a lot of devastation and evil befall too many people. There probably isn’t one person that hasn’t been touched by it, in one-way or another. In the midst of dealing with one tragedy, another arises. It’s enough to leave one feeling helpless, angry, fearful, discouraged, and hopeless about our future. Although we don’t have any control over these things, we do have control over how we react to them. It seems the people directly involved in these horrendous events - the true victims, have shown the rest of the world how to react when faced with the unimaginable worst of circumstances one can face; both natural and man inflicted. They rose up and showed love and compassion for one another. They helped their neighbors and perfect strangers get out of harms way. They sheltered, they shared, they rallied, they advocated and they put another’s needs before their own. I believe these are the makings of a hero. We applaud and honor them all! It has been wonderful to watch so many others rally to the aid of those directly involved. They have fought through red tape to make their voices heard. They have collected money, food and supplies, and even helped pack them. With this last tragedy, they even donated their own blood when asked! What a blessing to see how this has united us. It has brought out the best in us and overshadowed what has tried to divide us.  In the days to come, as the dire immediateness of the all the situations wane, the trauma of the events will begin to settle in for many. More than likely, their own negative human emotions will begin to surface, which they’ll have to deal with as they begin to rebuild their lives. This is another opportunity for us to choose to let our compassion rise up and shine, not just for them, but for ourselves as well. They will need us to encourage them, to support them and to continue to help provide for their basic needs. Let’s keep compassion in the forefront and resist the urge to give way to our frustrations, spewing hatred and blame, and falling back to all that divides us. When God put us in this world He made us like a family with one bloodline. When one hurts, we all hurt. We may have different cultures, skin colors, beliefs and locations, but we are all still connected – like a family. Anger and hatred will only further divide us, but compassion toward one another will connect us more than anything else. If the victims of these disasters and evil events, could forget about themselves in the worst moments of their lives, and show compassion, and the world around them be moved to do the same, then certainly it can be done. May we strive with that same compassion, to stay unified and connected, as we work toward healing and addressing the ills of our world without inflicting further hurt. Does this sound like a nice theory but not realistic? Think again! It only takes one match to light one candle and another and another and another and another - until it burns brighter through the darkness of life. “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”   W.L.Watkinson #healtheworld #compassion #Strength #unity #bealightinthedarkness #kindness #beaninfluenceforgood #rewardscoaching

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