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Sometimes good things come when they're supposed to come. And it winds up being right on time.

I was in my car today driving around doing errands, the bank, CVS, and the hair salon for a cut. While driving I started to think about how I’m late with my blog this month. Last month came and went with no blog and now I might miss this month too. It’s not that I don’t have ideas. I have many things I want to share. As a matter of fact, I have a sticky note with all of these ideas written down on it on my desk. I just never seemed to have the time to sit down and write. If I’m honest, maybe it was also my lack of headspace to put the words together and down on paper (or laptop).

At another time, I would have been very hard on myself about this. I would have compared myself with other woman who are twice as busy as me who seem to be getting it everything done. I would have felt like I was failing in keeping up with my work and my online community. I would have allowed myself to get discouraged and then have to get myself out of it. 

This time was different though. I’ve been working on having more compassion with myself. I’m not comparing myself to others and I’m giving myself some kudos for what I have been accomplishing. I speak to my clients all the time about recognising the seasons of their lives and making adjustments where needed. Lately, I’ve been having to coach myself with those same words. 

This has been a season where I’ve had to concentrate more on the people in my life and adjust the sails where my work is concerned. I love my work and I love writing, but in this season I’m not able to do everything I’d like to do. With caring for an aging parent, being involved with a close relative who is quite ill, and my own family, it’s a lot to juggle. There’s also my own health and well being which I’m trying to prioritize and stay consistent with in my schedule. 

Life will always have full seasons, hard seasons as well as easy, smooth ones. There will always be something happening for us to navigate through or around. I get it. I’m not complaining about any of it. I’m grateful for the people in my life and to be there for whatever they need. Everything else will always be there but the people who mean a lot to me won’t. Today, I feel grateful for being able to give myself permission to steer my life instead of letting the standards and mindset of others have the wheel. Writing these thoughts came so easily to me today. Ironically this is now my March Blog. It was effortless and on right on time. I’ve come to see that when I let go and do what is needed over what I “should” do, somehow it works out really well and right on time. 

So what can we learn (myself included) from my unplanned blog. Maybe it’s that life can be hard sometimes and we need to be easier on ourselves. Maybe give ourselves a little leeway when we can’t get everything done that we wanted to get done. Also, we can remind ourselves when we let things go, they happen when they are supposed to happen, more naturally and timely. Lastly, we need to stay focused on our own path. Everyone’s path is different so comparison is never helpful or fair to us. We need to stay in our own lane. When life feels hard, we can make it a little bit easier on ourselves by acknowledging and validating where we are showing up as well as all we are getting done. 

Can anyone relate? I’d love to hear how you are showing up for your life today. I hope you’re being easier on yourself, it’s really okay to be.


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