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​Emotional Intelligence Part 2 How does it benefit us in the work place?

Writing this blog on EI has been enjoyable. I love the subject and understanding scientifically how growing one’s emotional intelligence rewires their brain. To me, it feels strategic, as you proactively choose your next thought or your next action. It’s certainly a much healthier approach to life; although it can at times, be more challenging. Now that we’ve looked at how EI benefits our personal lives in the first two blog posts, let’s look at how it can help us at work. Understanding EI at its core, and using it in our personal lives, then translates to who we are in the work place. It’s not something you put on or take off depending on the need, it’s a personal stance you develop. It’s a value system shift. It’s looking at yourself and others as valuable, worthwhile beings. It is respectful and honoring in nature whether you’re dealing with the president of the company, someone in the mailroom, a wealthy person, or a poor person; it’s authentic! The people you work with and the people you work for can recognize it. In turn you become a safe person and their trust is earned. Let’s look at a few different jobs to break this down better.

It really makes no difference what job, career or position a person with a high EI holds. They bring to work the same values they live by each day, which lends to a more positive and productive work place.  #Rewardscoaching #EI #emotionalintelligence #happyworkplace  #productiveworkplace #valuerespectandhonor

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