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Love Thrives On Appreciation

​Have you ever heard someone say to or about a married couple, “The honeymoon is over.”? Basically what they were saying was that all the nice, little, affectionate, attentive and kind things and words have come to an end, and now the real marriage begins. Granted it’s an old saying, but it’s meaning still rings true for some couples today. Thankfully, we don’t have to settle for certain behaviors and attitudes within marriage since roles, communication skills, and personal choices have evolved greatly through the years. Although relational dynamics differ from couple to couple, one thing remains constant and is worth highlighting; “Love Thrives On Appreciation.” As family life gets busy, and our attentions are pulled in many different directions, it brings life, health, and wellness to a relationship when we remember to do those nice, little affectionate, attentive things for each other. Let’s remind ourselves what some of the things are that could fall by the wayside:

All the little things we made sure to do when we first dated one another are the things that will keep the honeymoon alive through the years. When you keep this kindness, respect and friendship flowing in your marriage, you are depositing life-giving energy that will bring a return of love, trust and intimacy for years to come. Take care of your relationship. You don’t want to give your best energy to all the things pulling at you and have nothing left for the most important person in your life. Be “all in” 100 percent each (not 50/50 it’s 100/100) and always go the extra mile for each other. 

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