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The “Hallways” Of Life

Have you ever been in a situation where you were praying, working and waiting on something? If you’re breathing, I’m sure you have. For some reason, waiting for something to come about seems so hard. I remember one of my professors saying; “When one door closes another one opens, but the hallway is hell”. A “hallway” is a place of waiting for the door - whichever door that may be- to open, doesn’t necessarily have to be hell. It all depends on the stance we take while waiting. If we are anxious, fretting or fearful that what we’re waiting for may not ever happen, or if we have a hard time letting go of control - not accepting there’s only so much we can actually do, then, the” hallway” will be hell. As believers, our “waiting” can be different than this scenario. We can have peace in the hallway if we actually understand what happens in that space of waiting.  I believe there is a “process” that God wants us to submit ourselves to, which will free us from undue anxiety, as we wait for the desired outcome. But first and foremost, we have to settle the issue of “what if it doesn’t turn out the way we want?” Depending on what you’re waiting for, and how much it means to you, this can be a tough one to reconcile. It challenges your faith and what you believe, and who you believe God to be. The scriptures teach us that God is a loving Father. He made us. He sees us. He hears us, and will always take care of us. The process to peace in the hallway is faith in that. Again, depending on what you’re waiting for and how dear it is to your heart, there may be many feelings and emotions involved. There may be pain, frustration, disappointment, and anger with God should He answer differently than you had hoped. Nevertheless, your experience with God’s goodness and love will eventually cause you to land in a good place. A place you couldn’t even imagine while in the midst of an onslaught of emotions; a place that would never have been possible if things had gone any other way. Corrie Ten Boon, a well known author who was in a concentration camp in Auschwitz for many years, wrote this in one of her many books about losing so many of her loved ones: “Hold everything loosely, or it will hurt when the Father allows them to be taken out of your hand”.  Talk about faith!  Three Things We Learn While We Wait The first thing the waiting teaches us is trust. It teaches us to trust and rely on our Heavenly Father if nothing else, during our brief journey on this earth. Some put their trust in the Universe, believing there are certain principles in place that are absolutely true, such as karma, the law of giving, the principle of honor, etc. Just as we’ve counted these principles to be worthy of trust, how much more the One who created the universe and set these principles in motion. Once this becomes your anchor, the rest is all about reframing your perspective. When the feelings of anxiety and fear, restlessness, and impatience arise, we can lean into our faith. The faith that: This repositioning is a process. Faith is something that builds as one walks with the Lord.  This faith has been tested.  The evidence of the Father’s goodness has been experienced time and again. It becomes steadfast when you walk to hell and back and you know it was God who helped you through. It reminds you He is worthy of your faith. Faith has substance; it’s anything but blind. Faith can turn a light on in the hallway and bring all of heaven to your side supernaturally.    #Faith #tested #waiting # love #Loved #process #Quantumphysicssupportsthebible #Rewardscoaching

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