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​ Three Threads To Birthing A Dream

This past week, I’ve had the pleasure of being around other author’s, innovators and entrepreneurs. Each person was standing in the glory of his or her hard work, courage, and perseverance. You could see and feel the joy of each presenter because they overcame many challenges to get there. You could almost taste the determination in them to keep building upon this accomplishment. How many of us live with dreams in our hearts of things it would be nice to do if given the chance. It could be writing a book, starting a business, or embarking on a new career. The dreams can be as diverse as the population of people on this earth, each with it’s own challenges, but one thing is the same; what it personally takes to get there. 3 Threads are the same: The first thread is Faith. Faith believes in something you can’t see in the natural world yet, but can see in your heart of hearts. You have an inner sense that the creative God, who made you, has endowed you with the same gift of creativity as well. You can feel it moving you forward with this dream against all odds. The second thread is courage.  Courage will support you in mastering your own fears and doubts, as well as those that may come from others. It’s a challenge to quiet or override the “voices” regardless of where they are coming from. The third thread is perseverance. When you sit with a dream in your heart, without a clue of how or where to begin, it takes perseverance to step up to the plate to begin the work. Then we will also need it every step of the way, entwined with the other two, to do all it takes for the dream to be realized. This process can almost be viewed like a pregnancy. It starts out with a desire. Then you do what’s necessary to conceive it, care for it and birth it. There is joy, excitement, discomfort, frustration, uncertainty, expense, support and care from others, and at the right time, you give birth. Do you have a dream that is waiting to be born?  I’d like to encourage you to go beyond your comfort zone, stretch your capacity, and go for it.  Your comfort zone is not a place to camp out, it’s a place to go rest and regroup so that you can keep moving.  I love these two quotes: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. “-Neale Donald Walsh “Every moment of one’s existence, one is either growing into more or retreating into less. “  – Norman Mailer  Coaching can be a great avenue to help you begin or walk through the process of birthing your dream. Our experience in coming along side to make things happen can be invaluable. #RewardsCoaching. #Lifecoaching. # Bringingdreamstolife. #Callforacoachingsession.

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