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​What Caps Are You Wearing?

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase about someone who has the ability to “wear many hats”. It usually means they are able to do or oversee, many different tasks. Today’s blog is not about our “hats”.  It’s about our “caps”. Unlike the hat, the “cap” is not an asset. It’s actually more of a “lid” to your capability, which is either self-imposed or imposed by others on us. New York Times Best Selling Author and Speaker, John Maxwell, has a wonderful book out called “No Limits” Blow the Cap Off Your Capacity. In it he describes our “cap” as our capacity. Many times we believe we have a limited capacity in certain areas and won’t even venture into new and unchartered territory, even if it’s something we greatly desire to do.  Sometimes a cap can come from something that was modeled for us. Maybe someone trained us in an area of work or in our personal lives, which has now become a part of us. You could do it with your eyes closed. Then one day you start to get an urge to try something different, make a change for the better, or add something new into your life.  Now is when you will face your caps. Even the most successful and accomplished person has caps; areas of our lives that we choose to stay away from. What do you do about it? Do you discount it because it could be challenging or scary? Do you ignore it because it’s in an area you don’t consider to be one of your strengths?  Or do you dive right in, sink or swim?  This is where some reflection and raw honesty comes in.  If there is something we want to do, but realize we have, a “cap” we need to look at how it got there. Did someone say something about this area of your life? Possibly a parent, a friend, or a teacher?  Somehow, we adopted a belief about ourselves that became a personal or professional cap.  A perfect example of this is about a man I know who wanted to learn how to dance. When given the chance to dance, he always said, “I am clumsy and have two left feet and could never dance”. This cap remained with him for many years. Not being able to dance didn’t affect his success in life, and he never gave it another thought. Then he met a woman who enjoyed dancing, who wanted to learn ballroom dancing with him. She challenged his “cap” which in turned caused him to challenge it. He diligently set out to learn how to dance and develop this ability. He made a choice that would be good for the two of them, which then enlarged his capacity. Today he absolutely enjoys dancing more than he ever thought he would. Maxwell says, “Awareness is key to overcoming caps”. In his book he offers a “Capacity Challenge” that I’d like to pass on to you: If you grow in your awareness, develop your abilities, and make the right choices, You can reach your capacity. Are there “Caps” you are wearing that you’d like to remove? #rewardscoaching #nocaps #nolimits #accomplishedwomen

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