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Where Does Your Inspiration Come From?

What inspires you? What stirs a desire on the inside of you, to want to create … “something”? As children, most of us were given different things to play with, in an attempt to touch that creative side of us. Many of us were given clay or play doh, crayons and paper, cooking utensils and various ingredients, musical instruments, seeds to plant, crafts and so on. Remember how much fun it was to come up with different ideas, and work for hours to bring them to life.  It was exciting to finally hold your finished product in your hands, as you ran to show someone your new creation. When you were given praise for it, it felt so wonderful that it made you want to create more. Being exposed to different elements is a powerful tool for adults as well as for children, to become inspired. So, again I ask, what inspires you? Is it certain people? Is it a place? Is it prayer and meditation? Is it certain YouTube videos or Pinterest?  Is it reading biographies?  If an answer is too hard for you to get in touch with, there’s a possibility you’ve been so busy being the overly responsible adult, to notice, or to even care. I remember hearing this old proverb years ago, about those who worked way too much.  It said, “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy (And Jill a dull girl). Without time off from being in “work” mode, it can make ones life dull and boring. When we tend only to our “responsibilities”, we ignore the part that makes life rich and sweet. I once heard this quote that speaks well to this: “Don’t be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” I applaud those who have had this epiphany so to speak, and made the changes in their lives to encompass it. For some, they have found wonderfully refreshing hobbies and modes of relaxation, (gardening, painting, baking, writing), and others have found a way to make a living from what they create. Bravo! When you do what you love, it really is like play time for an adult. Those who make time for play and creativity know how much more productive they are when they return to their responsibilities. Not nurturing this side of life is a set up for future burnout.   We live in a time where this is more important than ever, since one can work around the clock with the Internet if they choose to. Let’s be wise with our lives. This is not a sprint for a 30-yard dash. It’s a slow and steady pace until the finish. Find your Inspirations. Be intentional. Be steady. Find a rhythm for yourself. Make time to play, to be inspired, to be creative, and to live fully. Find what gives you joy and make time for it. It may become your new hobby, or just possibly, your new career. #rewardscoaching #workandplay #Inspiration #marriagebuilders #success #loveyourself

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