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Obstacles Are What You See When You Take Your Eyes Off The Goal

Why is it that some people see problems and others see challenges while working toward goals? For some these "obstacles" causes discouragement and for others it fires them up more. Some people feel great frustration and anger and yet others others feel a strengthened resolve to go at it harder. 

Research and experience proves it's mostly in how we perceive our situations. "Perception is reality". It really has nothing to do with the obstacle as much as it has to do with how we personally frame what is going on at the moment. Even an individuals temperament, shy, go getter, introvert, extravert, etc, is still not a factor in overcoming  obstacles to reach your goal. Granted personal temperament can be an asset or obstacle in itself but it can not cause you to "not" achieve your goal. Let me explain. For a few, perception of problems - obstacles are easy to overcome. It fires them up to just go at it harder. They keep their eyes on the goal they want to achieve and barrel forward. For others (myself included) we have to first work on how we are looking at what's keeping us from moving forward and reframe it. It's an extra step and a stretch for our natural bent but so necessary in reaching our goals. It's not an excuse.

Personally, I have had been reframing my perception for many years. I have big goals and big dreams. I've had to listen to my fears, discouragements, and excuses and speak a different truth to myself. The truth of a winner, an overcomer, of an adapter, of a leader and a conqueror. Like I said for some it comes easy (maybe. or maybe they're doing the same thing I have to do and I don't know about it) and for others it takes an extra step.

Today I want to encourage you to never stop short when pursuing a goal. Keep that goal before you and let the very thought of attaining it push you to do the hard stuff to achieve it. Expose your excuses (we all have them). Step back and take a moment when you hit a wall to refocus and reframe what's happening at the moment. I tell myself that whatever it is , I'm either going to go over, under, around or barrel through this obstacle toward my goal. (Which translates to seek help, do more research, net work, pray for wisdom.)Just the very words fire me up. So for today, let's not retire our dreams and goals. Let's refire them. God has a plan and purpose for whatever is stirring around in your heart. Keep your focus on it because obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal.

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