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Small Starts = Big Results

Have you ever had a thought about something you'd like to do and it brought you great excitement in that moment. Perhaps it was about your career and new possibilities. Maybe thoughts of starting a family did it, a business, a hobby? The creative concepts are endless when you allow yourself some space to daydream a bit; when you lose yourself in thoughts of it would be like, how it would make you feel and the rewards it could yield.You will smile with delight over the question what if...?

If this was a meeting of the minds it would be called brain storming. Everyone tossing out ideas without judgement or critique. This allows an ideas to be conceived freely from a place of flow. In this blog, I'll be using the same model for individuals since the premise is still the same. In the brain storming phase there is nothing else allowed but possibilities. It's not a time to listen to any fears, concerns, obstacles or challenges that may come up. There will be time for all that down the road. It's important to protect this space from critical thinking, your own insecurities as well as the opinion of negative people, so that the concept can begin to take some shape.

A good question to ask yourself to foster this creative train of thought is "What would you do if you knew you could not fail"? Go big and stay with it. Then jot down the everything possibility that excites you so that it can stand a chance the dream killers swoop in.

Can you relate? All the reasons why it couldn't happen start swirling in your mind. The negative what if's, you question your abilities, the amount of work, the time, effort, and money that would be needed to make it happen. These are the dream killer questions that swarm around your original concept. This is where you either find a way to rise above it or you will shelve it. Your choice will make all the difference between a pipe dream and a reality.

If this resonates with you, may I suggest a plan of action that has helped me to actually give birth to some of my dreams. Allow yourself to take a small step in the direction of that dream and check the "temperature of the water" there. Feel it out, get acclimated to it and swim there for a little bit. When the water has become comfortable start thinking of about your next step. It may seem trivial and you may think you'll never get there, but you will. There are personality and temperament types that can plunge into the deep water and love it. This kind of path would drive them nuts! But there are many people who are the opposite and they (we) need to know that it's ok to go slow and still have accomplishments. Don't make comparisons with anyone else. "Stay in your own lane" is my favorite course correction that I use often.

The steps you take may not be easy. They may come with some "giants" that have to be slain before you can move on. When you take it one small step at a time, you are usually better equipped to handle them. Remember you can enlist a support team whenever you feel the need. (A Life Coach can be a big asset).

With each piece of ground that you conquer, you will be that much closer to giving birth to what began as a small concept in your mind. One small step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other, and never allowing yourself to give up, will cause you to accomplish great things.Have a little faith and one day you will look back in amazement at how far you've come and what you were able to achieve.

Small Starts Really Do = Big Results!

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