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Who Supports You?

Learn about the importance of building a "tribe" of supportive people.

Dealing With Difficult People Is Stressful!

This week I was confronted with a situation that years ago, would have proved extremely challenging for me. However, through the years I have worked hard on my people skills and my own personal development. I’ve enjoyed my significant growth in the areas of boundaries and confidence, as well as taking great pleasure in being reflective, self-aware, and always open to new insight. This week during my “situation”, those personal skills I developed were tested. I floundered a bit and I felt annoyed at myself. After speaking with someone in my close circle, I saw more clearly where I fumbled and felt somewhat relieved with myself. I also realized just how important it is to have that circle.  I am grateful for those who hold the same values to personal growth and integrity. I appreciate those who will hold me accountable to my truth of living emotionally free from anyone person who needs rely on intimidation to support their agenda. If you’re committed to your own personal growth and development, I encourage you to add this kind of person to your circle. I believe it’s so important to be able to get someone else’s perspective; a person who doesn’t have the same attachment to an old pattern as you, and who can help you think through what actually transpired in retrospect. Allow yourself that vulnerability. Ask them to keep you accountable to your emotional well-being so that you don’t get caught up in an old groove. Whether it’s your personal relationships or business interactions, having a few select people who have permission to speak into your life really is priceless. This week reinforced it yet again, for me.

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